On September 20, 2017, a Category-5 hurricane passed through the island of Puerto Rico. This event left millions of puertoricans without electricity, water, or communication and thousands lost everything.

One of the most affected areas in the island was the town of Toa Baja. The town is known for its capability of flooding with just some heavy rains. During the hurricane, many parts of Toa Baja started to flood quickly because of the rain and the opening of the water dam. The dam was opened without the resident’s knowledge due to lack of maintenance on the alarm equipment used to warn the people.

Due to the floods, heavy rain, and powerful winds in Toa Baja two people drowned and the communities lost everything. Some of the residents lost their roofs, walls, or windows. Most of the communities were flooded and after the water went down, they are still left with streets covered in mud, countless debris, dead animals, zinc and other materials. Some of these communities are Villas del Sol, Valle Calma, Ingenio, among others.

The necessities observed and heard by the communities include drinkable water, food, clothes, hygiene products, tarps, construction materials to help rebuild and save what is left, articles for elderly people who are in bed or in need of them.

Community members have expressed a lack of response and action from the Government and the other entities designated to answer during this crisis. With your help, compassion, and solidarity, we can support these communities by mitigating the devastating results of this event and rebuilding what is left from within.

Please, donate using any of the mechanisms below. Your aid will help save lives, lessen suffering, and provide relief through compassion.



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